Monthly Archives: June 2010

july 16 – philly (@ danger danger house)
w/ many arms, matta gawa
5013 baltimore ave
philadelphia, pa

july 17 – new york (house show)

july 18 – new york (@ the charleston)
w/ bearface, sweetheart(?)
174 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

july 19 – waynesboro, va (house show)

july 20 – hburg (@ the nile)
w/ invisible hand(?)
181 n. main st
harrisonburg, va

july 21 – dc (@ hole in the sky)
w/ broken bodies, fell types, screen door factory
2110 5th st. NE
Washington DC 21120

july 22 – rva (@ strange matter)
w/ brontasaurus
richmond, va

more info to come!

loveee youu


Upcoming changes… concisely, but not taken lightly. 🙂

Mike & Wolfgang are going to Indonesia for a month to tour with Richmond’s gamelan.

Snack Truck / Antlers tour July 16th – July 25th — dates tba
some east coast hot spots.

A special video message from jay.
Potentially, August 7th being our last show with Sir Jay Francis Mortiz.

A mixed-bag-(cassette)-of-songs-n-stuff on its way.
🙂 a strong embrace!