thanks so much to everyone who came out last evening 🙂

here is a write up from rva magazine –>
Waiting for the Sun to Arrive: This is Antlers
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“If Jacques Cousteau’s ghost was eating mushrooms at the bottom of the ocean and watching a giant squid doing battle with a great white shark, and he had his ipod on him, he would be listening to Antlers. Amidst a wall of ambient noise reminiscent of church organs comes a barrage of sound, droning and melodic, polyrhythmic and mesmerizing, harsh and beautiful. This is Antlers, living, breathing proof of the eclectic, dynamic nature of Richmond’s music underground.” – Johnny, RVA Magazine


Had a great time at Gallery 5 – Thanks to everyone who came and worked on making it happen 🙂

here are some nice words from ‘The Commonwealth Times‘ —
“The first we hear of Antlers is a pair of tea bells jingling against their only mic, slowly pulling back until it drowns in a stomach-churning din of bass. This instrumental set has an almost orchestral sound variety–alternately hypnotic and thundering, never giving in to the monotonous or over-worn. When vocals do occasionally appear – un-amplified – the effect is ethereal and haunting–calling as if from far away, voices carried on the wind.”